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We are a team of committed professional Digital Content Managers, Designers, Programmers, Editors and Developers who work with bleeding-edge digital distribution technologies go all-out in awesomely servicing our hundreds of Content Partners, Brands and Channel Partners. All Crazy-Fresh Brains welcome to come Join Us.

OTT Solutions is the New Media wing of a professional group, which has over two decades of experience in the global unbundled distribution of wireline, wireless, cable, terrestrial, satellite and New Media rights.

With an honest, mad-scientist, approach towards our 360° Digital Media Management, we help all sorts of partners Monetize their content through monetizable digital platforms, strategize and execute promotional plans, provide develop websites and apps for streaming your channel and on top of all this we also take up doing new things so very often.

Digital Content Management

The OTT route is the way forward. It is a reality and the earlier you hop into the band wagon, the higher is your chances to address the challenges of future. We distribute and manage video content on OTT Platform with the widest reach. Our content partners have been able to reach the remotest corner of our planet and monetize the same. Our research team is in constant search for the best and most reliable customer experience.

CGoal-oriented Digital Image Management

Restrict Impostors and Falsified Information

Customized First-Person Interaction

Multi-Channel Network

We are a partners of some of the most trusted name in the industry. Before ingesting the contents, we check for humongous bandwidth to nurture, optimize, promote, protect and monetize any partner's content effectively on OTT Platform. From mainstream commercial cinema content to experimental short-film projects, and from celebrity shows to individual creators, animated or live-action, OTT Solutions successfully monetizes and promotes content of all possible genres.

We help creators build a sustainable community of subscribers by using industry best-practises as well as analytical tools to best understand content consumption by its very nature and then develop customized strategies to reach out to targeted audiences.

OTT Solutions also pioneers in content re-packaging and refurbishing practices to best help partners get the maximum traction for their content.

Who can be OTT Solutions partner? Everyone! Yes, maybe even YOU

  • Be a part of one of the most dynamic networks and showcase your video content to millions of viewers all over the world!

  • Network with other creators and talent and make YouTube magic.

  • Add Value to your content by getting brand associations.

  • Trust in us to see your content fly!

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